Fruto del cariño y agrado con el que realizamos nuestro trabajo, nuestros clientes nos han ayudado a que por segundo año consecutivo hayamos recibido por parte de TripAdvisor el Certificado de Excelencia asi como el estar dentro de la Guía Michelín. Tenemos que agradecer a nuestros clientes que hayan confiado en nosotros. Con vuestra ayuda hemos conseguido estos premios, gracias por estar ahí, seguiremos mejorando. As a result of the affection and pleasure with which we carry out our work, our clients have helped us that for the second consecutive year we have received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, as well as being part of the Michelin Guide.

A calm and friendly family hotel

which is located at the heart ofRibeira Sacra,

close to Los Peares and Ourensecity.

The area and the crops that surround the hotel are pretty unique thanks to the Miño river and its ancestral lands in roads. This privileged location, which is only 15 minutes away from the center of Ourense, allows you to enjoy a total calmness. Its beautiful views to the Miño river give us a deeply feeling of calm and serenity. The hotel is surrounded by monasteries and vestiges and it is deep into the heart of the thermal spring centres and spas of Galicia.

Packages to Enjoy

Make a reservation in O Remanso dos Patos

Do not hesitate to live an unique experience in our hotel located at the heart of Ribeira Sacra, where the landscapes of Sil Canyon will make you enjoy unforgettable views.

where nature will wrap you in and offer you the rest that you need. We love to take care of the last detail so that your stay is the best possible.